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Drama in the courtroom – and beyond

Last time we’ve heard from Oleg Vorotnikov aka Vor (“thief” in Russian), the self-proclaimed leader of Voina, an artist collective best known for drawing a 200-foot phallus on Liteinyi Bridge in front of the FSB building in St Petersburg, he was … Continue reading

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The Show Must Go On for Pinchuk and Manifesta; Not So Much, Voina

Countdown to the Future Generation Art Prize Only five days remain until the close of the Pinchuk Art Centre‘s biennial Future Generation Art Prize. While escalating tensions around Ukraine had us wondering if the show would indeed go on – … Continue reading

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“Re-Aligned Art” Brings Chto Delat, Pussy Riot, et al, to Norway

e-flux’s Adam Kleinman wasn’t the only visitor to Katya Degot‘s and David Riff‘s Bergen Assembly that was swayed by Chto Delat‘s new A Border Musical, 2013, which sets a Songspiel-styled, transnational romance in remote Finnmark (for many a reminder that Norway … Continue reading

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Russia’s Innovation Prize releases its Shortlist while the Kandinsky Prize starts accepting applications

Between the National Center for Contemporary Art’s Innovation Prize and the privately-funded (by Shalva Breus’s ArtChronika Foundation) Kandinsky Prize, the Russian art world has managed to stretch the drama of the awards process – who did or did not get … Continue reading

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Pussy Riot to be held another SIX MONTHS without trial

Today, in advance of Pussy Riot’s staunch July 24 court date, the Russian court arbitrarily announced that the trial would be moved to JANUARY 13, 2013. That’s nearly TEN MONTHS after their arrest – without ever being formally convicted with … Continue reading

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Pussy Riot at the Palais de Tokyo

Yesterday, Artinfo broke the news that Pussy Riot would be featured in the inaugural “Alerte!” series at the Palais de Tokyo, opening June 21. The exhibition will consist of a documentary and video of their performance  (presumably the February 21 number … Continue reading

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The Black Swan presents “Three Artists Walk into a Bar..”

For those who found themselves at Innovation, asking where’s Voina…?: look no further. While it’s true, they may be busy gearing up for the Berlin Biennale, they’ll also be part of the punchline at de Appel’s “Three Artists Walk into … Continue reading

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Voina who? Pussy Riot continues to be all the rage in Moscow

Over the past few months, masked members of the band Pussy Riot have been filling the Russian social networks with videos of guerrilla-style performances in the metro stations, the Red Square, and finally (somewhat fatally), The Church of Christ the … Continue reading

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Russia’s National Center for Contemporary Art announces the nominees for the Innovation Prize

Russia’s National Center for Contemporary Art just announced the nominees for the 2011 edition of its Innovation Prize (which made headlines last year over its on-off inclusion of the group Voina.) The Prize is awarded in five categories: Work of … Continue reading

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Voina i Mir: Collective ignites another controversy during otherwise peaceful protests

This New Years, instead of lighting sparklers, the St Petersburg-based collective Voina ensured a fresh round of newspaper coverage by lighting Molotov cocktails under a parked police transport vehicle. (You can watch the video here.) The group was quick to … Continue reading

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