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Catherine de Zegher appointed curator of the 5th Moscow Biennale 2013

According to a press release sent out May 29, Catherine de Zegher has been selected as the curator for the 5th Moscow Biennale, taking place in 2013. A guest curator in the Drawings Department of the MoMA and former director … Continue reading

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Biennale Season kicks off with Kyiv and Bucharest

As the rest of the world braces for the Olympics, the art world is stretching out their most sensible flats, in preparation for the summer biennale season. While the biggest events are Documenta and Manifesta, there is also a crop … Continue reading

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As Daniel Buren unveils his eccentricities at Monumenta 2012, Ilya & Emilia Kabakov tapped for 2013

This May and June, Daniel Buren takes over Paris’s Grand Palais with his Excentrique(s), travail in situ for Monumenta. The annual exhibition – which was started in 2007 and has in the past featured artists like Anish Kapoor, Richard Serra and Christian … Continue reading

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Moscow Art World, Up All Night with plenty on their minds

While much international attention remains fixed on the protests (with the occasional, speculative mention of fresh attacks from the church on art), the fact that tonight, May 19, Moscow is celebrating a night-long festival of culture, partially funded by the … Continue reading

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The Sweet Fruit of Substitution: Slavs and Tatars’ “Not Moscow Not Mecca” at the Secession

It’s been a busy year for Slavs and Tatars. This winter, fresh off the heels of their publication Molla Nasreddin, the collective was featured at the MoMA, the New Museum and the Maraya Art Center in Sharjah. They are now preparing a solo show … Continue reading

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While peaceful protests preside in Moscow, Marat Guelman stirs up trouble in Krasnodar

While Moscow protests have not died down, they have quieted. In light of a confusing few first days, protesters in Russia’s capital have switched to non-violent tactics – most notably “the stroll.” This Sunday, a group of famous authors launched … Continue reading

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Time/Food opens its doors at Stella Art Foundation in Moscow

Tomorrow, May 15, Stella Art Foundation – the bastion of Moscow Conceptualism in the city – will kick off its edition of the e-flux project time/bank. The project, conceptualized by Anton Vidokle and Julieta Aranda, proposes an alternative economy, where services can be … Continue reading

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The Boy on the Bicycle: Moscow’s Protests find their Posterboy

In 2005, the Berkeley-based collective Retort published Afflicted Powers: Capital and Spectacle in a New Age of War, an extended tract that examined the ways that, in a political culture increasingly dominated by images, the way to fight one spectacle … Continue reading

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Whose Victory? Moscow’s Days of May

The past few days, the art world has made records with New York auctions, while Frieze New York reaffirmed that the art market was showing no signs of stopping (even if that meant taking a ferry.) If anything, now all … Continue reading

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Frieze New York offers a new view on Defining the Contemporary

In what has been trumpeted as “New York’s Billion Dollar Art Week” (a figure that may need tweaking after  Edvard Munch’s The Scream fetched nearly $120 million alone on Wednesday), Frieze Art Fair New York has been more than holding its … Continue reading

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