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While we wait on more releases, Late Night with Diaconov…

Despite some (understandably) over-adrenalined official headlines in the wake of Khodorkovsky’s release [for those of you who just said “who?”, we defer to the ever-great Julia Ioffe], Pussy Riot has not been freed.  According to a Twitter just sent out on … Continue reading

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And then there were two: Pussy Riot member set free after “proving” she didn’t actually get to perform

Today, the Art Newspaper confirmed that Pussy Riot will be somewhere in the middle of Art Review’s Power 100 list, still yet to hit the stands this year. According to the article, an editor from Art Review had the following, somewhat … Continue reading

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Pussy Riot, Madonna, High Court Hijinks and What it means to be a Hooligan

Like most of the world – judging from the number of Pussy-Riot-relard requests in our inbox – we have spent the last week watching The Trial of Pussy Riot, a tragicomedy that plays more like something from the files of … Continue reading

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The Boy on the Bicycle: Moscow’s Protests find their Posterboy

In 2005, the Berkeley-based collective Retort published Afflicted Powers: Capital and Spectacle in a New Age of War, an extended tract that examined the ways that, in a political culture increasingly dominated by images, the way to fight one spectacle … Continue reading

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Not Afraid Anymore: Moscow enters a New Year (and possibly a New Era)

Before we celebrate the New Year, we wanted to take a minute and commend some of the recent events in Moscow and Russia. 2011 has sparked incredible shifts within the country and the attitude of its citizens towards their government, … Continue reading

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