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Principles’ Day Out: Manifesta’s Destiny, Posthumous Petition-signers and Boycotters branded as Hypocrites

Sydney’s Saga Continues: Boycott Artists branded as Hypocrites These past two weeks we have reported on how the artists boycott of the Sydney Biennale over its ties to Transfield (a holding company that had recently expanded to include the detention … Continue reading

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End of Discussion: More Changes in PERMM?

Less than a month after reporting the firing of the fabled Marat Guelman from his post after a censorship snafu, the Museum of Modern Art PERMM – the go-to institution for “Yes! There CAN be Art in the Provinces!” arguments – is set to make … Continue reading

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Marat Guelman Fired from PERMM over some Olympic rings

On June 19, 2013, Marat Guelman – the political-strategist-cum- art- dealer-cum-museum-director who made a name for himself with scandal-mongering exhibitions like “Watch Out, Religion!” and “RUSSIA-2” (and even more recently, “Icons,” which provoked a little saliva in Krasnodar) – was … Continue reading

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While peaceful protests preside in Moscow, Marat Guelman stirs up trouble in Krasnodar

While Moscow protests have not died down, they have quieted. In light of a confusing few first days, protesters in Russia’s capital have switched to non-violent tactics – most notably “the stroll.” This Sunday, a group of famous authors launched … Continue reading

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Is Winzavod is getting a non-profit facelift? Guelman Gallery also “transforming”

On the heels of Aidan Salakhova’s announcement that she would transition her gallery into AidanStudio, a noncommercial space to show her students’ work, Russian press has speculated that both XL Gallery and the Marat and Julia Guelman Gallery would follow … Continue reading

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