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The Show Must Go On?

Apparently, we rushed to conclusions in our last post when we decided that the lynching of The Novosibirsk State Academy Opera and its contemporary take on Wagner’s Tannhäuser was over. After the opera’s director, Timofei Kulyabin, was found not guilty … Continue reading

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All For Nothing

Following its very public condemnation of anti – patriotic art (case in point – Leviathan, Andrey Zvyagintsev’s Oscar – nominated film), the Russian Ministry of Culture has decided to put its money where its mouth is. This week, it has … Continue reading

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Principles’ Day Out: Manifesta’s Destiny, Posthumous Petition-signers and Boycotters branded as Hypocrites

Sydney’s Saga Continues: Boycott Artists branded as Hypocrites These past two weeks we have reported on how the artists boycott of the Sydney Biennale over its ties to Transfield (a holding company that had recently expanded to include the detention … Continue reading

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Manifesta receives nearly triple the state funding as the Moscow Biennale

In the wake of the 5th Moscow Biennale, the Russian Ministry of Culture took a stand when it comes to strengthening Russia’s cultural position, even considering the possibility of forming a national ideology (as strongly advocated by filmmaker Nikita Mikhalkov, who … Continue reading

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Pushkin Museum gets a New Director

Today it was announced that the unflagging Irina Antonova – up until this moment the oldest large-museum director in the world and also now the Chief Curator for Moscow’s Museums under the Ministry of Culture – has stepped down from … Continue reading

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With £500,000 at stake, the Plastov Award sets the art world to Googling

Who says all the Russian art money is wrapped up in Bacons and Hirsts…? Today, London will host the ceremony  for the Plastov Award. The award – which recognizes Russia’s still strong traditions of “realistic art,” in the spirit of Socialist Realist … Continue reading

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“The End of Fun” for the Russian Art World?: A Look Back at 2012

2012 will go down as the Year of the Balaclava for the Russian Art World, the year when all the world put on their Free Pussy Riot t-shirts and smiled for the cameras. (Which, admittedly, is still a big step … Continue reading

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BAM- and then it hits Brooklyn! – The Prokhorov Fund partners with BAM right as Russia’s Ministry of Culture seeks to cut off its museums

The Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) has permeated the NY consciousness with its ubiquitous advertising campaign “BAM – And then it hits you,” an often-unsettling array of scenarios in which city-dwellers at their most Gregory Crewdson-esque are caught in moments … Continue reading

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AES+F inaugurates “Moscow’s Grand Palais” while the NCAA fights for its 16-Story Museum

Last week, Putin officially signed off on the new Council for Culture and the Arts, whose list includes Moscow Multimedia Art Museum Director Olga Sviblova,  Semyon Mikhailovsky, Director of St Petersburg’s Art Academy, and Mikhail Piotrovsky, Director of the Hermitage. (NB: Artguide reported … Continue reading

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Russian Culture Today: The Ministry of Culture and Irina Prokhorova weigh in

On July 3, Russia’s newly-minted Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky met for the first time with his Council. The same day, Artguide published a list of this Council, which includes a lively mix of publicists, owners of television stations and even … Continue reading

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