Trips Out of Town comes to New York

Collective Actions, The Third Variant, Gorky, May 28,1978

After a few years operating out of its reading room on Essex Street, e-flux – the mailing list-cum-cultural hub, founded in 1999 in New York – is about to open an exhibition space on 311 East Broadway.

e-flux will inaugurate its space with a revisit to this year’s Russian pavilion at Venice with an exhibition of Andrei Monastyrski and Collective Actions, curated by Boris Groys. It will be interesting to see how the pavilion project is refigured for the Lower East Side. According to e-flux’s press release:

As the first comprehensive presentation in the US of this central figure in 1970s Moscow Conceptualism, the exhibition draws together a selection of works and documentation from Andrei Monastyrski’s spatiotemporal practice as an artist, poet, theoretician, and member of the still-active group Collective Actions. Documentation of the continuing project Trips Out of Town, created and performed with Collective Actions are presented along with a selection of the artists photographic series Earth Works (1987) and Monastyrski’s more recent performances Podjachev’s Youtube channel (2010–2011).

The project will be included under the umbrella of Performa 11 and will open November 5, with a reception starting at 7pm. There is a follow-up lecture by Groys himself scheduled for November 10 at 6pm.

Baibakov Art Projects is proud that e-flux would open their space with such an important show, and we wish them all the best with future projects!

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