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That Time for Dreams Again? Young Biennale, Kabakovs in Paris, and Koenig expresses doubts on Manifesta

As June kicks in, Baibakov Art Projects will shift to its summer regime, but before taking any breaks, there were a few stories we had to get out there. The Dreamers Last week, the Moscow Biennale of Young Art unveiled … Continue reading

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A Time for Dreams: Open Calls for the Future Generation Art Prize and the Moscow Biennale of Young Art

As the states celebrated Martin Luther King Day yesterday, we couldn’t help but think of this summer’s Moscow Biennale of Young Art, which curator David Elliot has chosen to title “A Time for Dreams,” in reference to Dr King’s seminal … Continue reading

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David Elliott to curate the 2014 Moscow Biennale of Young Art

So, not to suggest any connection between our last post and this one, but today, November 12, the Moscow Biennale of Young Art announced that the curator for its 2014 edition would be David Elliott, veteran museum director and curator … Continue reading

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“Under a Tinsel Sun”: More on this week’s Moscow Biennale of Young Art

This week, Moscow will see the openings of the 3rd Moscow Biennale of Young Art and its parallel programs. In years past, the Biennale was known as “Qui Vive?” or “Halt! Who Goes There?” to connote some kind of youth … Continue reading

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Youth as Fetish: Alexey Buldakov talks Art, Politics and the Berlin Biennale with Kathrin Becker

The latest issue of ArtChronika has just hit the stands, raising eyebrows (and LEGO heads) with the cover: YOUTH AS FETISH. Just in time, as July 11 marks the opening of the III Moscow International Biennale for Young Art, whose … Continue reading

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Moscow Biennale of Young Art releases its Artist Roster

A day before Moscow’s decisive (or maybe not just decided) elections, the Moscow Biennale of Young Art has released the list of participating artists for the main project, Under a Tinsel Sun, which was put together by Berlin-based curator Kathrin … Continue reading

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Baibakov Art Projects celebrates Russian New Year

2012 has already promised to be a pivotal year, with critical elections in Russia and the US and continued developments in the wake of the financial crisis and the protests it has wrought in 2011. It also looks to be … Continue reading

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