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No Joke: Roskomnadzor starts selectively blocking social networks in Russia

Amidst all the internet shenanigans unleashed as part of April Fools (while yes, it can get tedious wading through all the spoofs, particular props to the Guggenheim, for their announcement of an expansion to the iconic Frank Lloyd Wright building, … Continue reading

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The Guggenheim does it homework, with some help from UBS

This week the Guggenheim Museum announced that it would launch a new program of exhibitions and curator residencies aimed at expanding the geography within the collection. The Guggenheim UBS Map Global Art Initiative takes a radically different approach to the … Continue reading

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All or None: Maurizio Cattelan at the Guggenheim New York

These days it seems common practice to read about music groups splitting up, getting back together, or quitting the business entirely. Less so with artists, however. This may be why Maurizio Cattelan‘s recent declaration that he is “quitting” the art … Continue reading

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