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“Art should heal the world”: Kapkov cancels the Pussy Riot screening, while Anatoly Osmolovsky pens an open letter

At the end of our last post, we mentioned how much we wished we could attend the screening of Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer, scheduled for last Sunday at Moscow’s Gogol Center. Granted, we were more interested in hearing Irina … Continue reading

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St Petersburg in the News: Manifesta does Matisse, Putin in Panties, Afrikan Politics and the close of New Holland

September is here, and with it, so come tumbling all the updates about what went on in August! Thankfully,Ā Artguide is back to publishing their daily news updates, kicking off with a column by St Petersburg-based curator Anna Matveeva, who highlighted … Continue reading

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Petitions, Propaganda and Manifesta 2014: A “Neutral Space for Discussion”?

So, speaking of petitions, we have had quite a few Manifesta-related versions sent to our inboxes recently. The most prominent was penned by Noel Kelly, on Change.Org. It states, very plainly that, in light of Russia’s recent, very controversial legislature … Continue reading

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Marat Guelman Fired from PERMM over some Olympic rings

On June 19, 2013, Marat Guelman – the political-strategist-cum- art- dealer-cum-museum-director who made a name for himself with scandal-mongering exhibitions like “Watch Out, Religion!” and “RUSSIA-2” (and even more recently, “Icons,” which provoked a little saliva in Krasnodar) – was … Continue reading

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No Joke: Roskomnadzor starts selectively blocking social networks in Russia

Amidst all the internet shenanigans unleashed as part of April Fools (while yes, it can get tedious wading through all the spoofs, particular props to the Guggenheim, for their announcement of an expansion to the iconic Frank Lloyd Wright building, … Continue reading

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Censorship: What more appropriate gesture for an exhibition on the state of Feminism in Russia?

In the spirit of International Women’s Day – a holiday allegedly dedicated to inspiring women to rise above their status as secondary citizens by commemorating that very status – institutions around the world are making token gestures and sending flowers. … Continue reading

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