While we wait on more releases, Late Night with Diaconov…

Despite some (understandably) over-adrenalined official headlines in the wake of Khodorkovsky’s release [for those of you who just said “who?”, we defer to the ever-great Julia Ioffe], Pussy Riot has not been freed.  According to a Twitter just sent out on @freepussyriot, the two inmates can expect release next week, under the new amnesty law (and its amended timeframe):

Pussy Riot Twitter

In the meantime, can we direct those Russian speakers among you to the latest project by Antonina Baever (who recently collaborated with Dmitry Venkov on the film Like the Sun, shown as part of the Bergen Assembly)? In this strange, suspended moment in Moscow’s culture, Baever has released a talk show on contemporary art, hosted by none other than Kommersant correspondent and curator Valentin Diaconov. The first episode of Late Night with Diaconov took a look back at the Moscow Biennale, curated by Catherine de Zegher. Segments include an inspection of the catalogue for the spiritually de Zegher swears is lacking in contemporary art, and critic Sasha Evangely‘s critique of the wardrobe choices in the Moscow Biennale’s press shot de Zegher Medinsky Backstein (how Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky dresses like the bureaucrat he is, how de Zegher lets us know she’s open to new ideas, via an “ethnic” attire, while biennale commissioner Joseph Backstein plays with the rules by appearing in a jacket, with no tie – in other words, flirting with the codes for “bureaucrat,” but also flouting them, by skipping the tie,  thus mocking contemporary art’s courtship of corporate culture.)

After a short gag mocking the NCCA’s attempts to build a new museum, Backstein himself joins Diaconov for a little heart-to-heart about how a biennale should behave.

Oleg Dou's "like"

Oleg Dou’s “like”

And while we’re enjoying Diaconov’s particular brand of humor, can we applaud the “flash-mob” he’s been hosting on his Facebook? Last week, the critic requested that instead of “likes,” artists respond to posts with drawings, which in turn has spawned the kind of sloppy creativity we haven’t seen since we first got MSPaint.

We particularly like this horse-cow, by Oleg Dou (more famous for making those creepy, albino-future-children portraits).

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