The 5th Moscow Biennale lets a little Light in

Aslan Gaisumov, Water Drips, 2012

Aslan Gaisumov, Water Drips, 2012

Today the 5th Moscow Biennale‘s curator, Catherine de Zegher, announced that the theme of this year’s effort – which runs a brisk month from September 20 – October 20, 2013 – will be “More Light.”

According to our translation of the press release, de Zegher’s theme departs from Mikhal Bakhtin‘s conception of the “chronotope,” a term the critic coined to describe the various configurations of time and space within a given text. de Zegher sees our current understanding of time and space as undergoing a critical shift.

As she explains in the press release;

Today’s understanding of time and space no longer means we find ourselves in a set “here and now.” In the age of globalization, the perception of time is no longer determined by geography. Instead, this is replaced by the “global chronotope.” Now we measure time to the rhythm of neoliberal capital, and our understanding of space and time becomes interchangeable.

So what does this mean for an exhibition? Apparently de Zegher seeks out artists interested in promoting a slower sense of time, such as Alia Syed, the Gorod Istinov collective or Maya Onoda.

Additionally, “More Light” will examine various conceptions of “environment” in connection with global disasters and obstacles faced by mankind in the 21st century: artists consider themes like war (Aslan Gaisumov, Russia), migration (Jumadi, Indonesia), pollution (Rena Effendi, Azerbaijan), or the impact of civilization on indigenous peoples (Ed Pien, Taiwan/Canada.)

According to the press release, “More Light” will feature over 80 artists from more than 25 countries. Of the included projects, at least 30 will be special commissions specifically for the biennale.
Find the full press release (in Russian) here. 


On another note, what’s with these whispers that Kasper König may be named the chief curator for Manifesta 10 in St Petersburg..? We’re keeping our ear to the ground for confirmation on this one.

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