And it’s off… The Mobile Moscow Design Museum takes its new concept out for a spin

The Mobile Moscow Design Museum

The Mobile Moscow Design Museum

Back in February, we took a first look at the Mobile Moscow Design Museum, which was then just in the works.

Now Katia Krupennikova – our wonderful former staff at Baibakov Art Projects, who is now working as an independent curator in Amsterdam – reports that the museum-bus is ready for its first long haul, in a piece she wrote for Mooove Magazine. “An old popular apocryphal Russian saying states that there are two gravest ills that the country suffers from: fools and roads,” she writes. This museum, in her mind, is a way to atone for the immense physical distances that account for the vast cultural gap between Russia’s cities and its provinces.

As Krupennikova points out, this is not the first time this kind of project has been attempted. In the 1920s, the state used a system of educational trains – the Likbez – to spread the word to hard-to-reach provinces.

To read Katia’s full article, click here.

For more information about the Mobile Museum (whose first exhibit will be SOVIET DESIGN, 1950s-1980s) check the website. Also worth reading is Jim Lewis’ piece on the project, for T Magazine (if only to bristle a little at his description of the Seven Sisters as “Stalinist Schlock.”)

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