An Award that Matters: Moscow’s Art Scene honors its “Comrades”

Ira Korina’s installation at the 2nd Ural Industrial Biennial of Art

With the ArtReview Power 100 now on the stands, the buzz – all by people who have read the list, mind you – tends to be on how little these kinds of commendations really mean.

Not true of the Soratnik (“Comrade”) Awards. Founded in 2006 by the infectiously-spirted and much-missed curator Olga Lopukhova (who passed away in 2009), the awards give the Moscow art community (or, more precisely, 101 chosen representatives of that community) a chance to honor their own. The prize may only be $101, but the peer approval seems priceless.

Yesterday, this award was announced, in a modest and joyful evening at Moscow’s Masterskaya club (Read the full rundown – in Russian – here.) First place went – and no surprise – to Pussy Riot (bittersweet that this would happen on the eve of the transfer of the two remaining prisoners to separate penal colonies.) Second place went to a favorite of the competition, the well-deserving Ira Korina, while the spritely EliKuka and Arseny Zhilyaev tied for third.

Congratulations to these artists for an award that matters!

And while we’re handing out congratulations, we are very excited to announce that Artguide – the portal on all things Russian-art-related, headed up by the saavy Masha Kravtsova – has launched an English language version. Keep current on all the headlines here and put that Google Translate away!

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