Last few days to catch Innovation Prize nominees in London

Taus Makhacheva

As the debate continues over whether Pussy Riot’s actions should be considered as an art work, let alone as an art work worthy of a nomination to the Kandinsky Prize (Read Chto Delat?‘s firm opinion on the latter here in this open letter), we figured we would check in on some of the previous Kandinsky Prize nominees, including this year’s Innovation Prize for Emerging Artist, Taus Makhacheva, whose strong feminist stands have taken more directed forms – from a self-portrait in Dagestani drag to a self-portrait within the Dagestani drag racing scene to the upcoming “Topography of Masculinity,” which will open September 15 as part of the Liverpool Biennial.

Makhacheva’s other project, “Let Me Part of a Narrative” is also currently on view in the United Kingdom, albeit for just a handful of days more, at Calvert 22, where until September 16, 2012, visitors can also check out works from other Innovation winners and nominees as part of “The Russian Art Show.”

In addition to work by Makhacheva, the exhibition features performance by Siberian collective, Where the Dogs Run, Sasha Galkina, Viktor Alimpiev, Haim Sokol and Andrey Kuzkin (who had a bit of a solo presentation with Performa.) While it might not be grabbing world headlines, it is a solid barometer of what else is causing a creative stir in Russia these days.

Andrey Kuzkin, In a circle, performance, duration 4 hours 30 min, Veretyevo Art-Camp, 2008

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