Passing Time at Lincoln Center: Christian Marclay’s Clock returns to New York

Photo: Still from Christian Marclay, The Clock, 2010. Courtesy Paula Cooper Gallery, New York and White Cube, Mason’s Yard, London. Photo: Todd White Photography

This week, Lincoln Center will kick off the triumphant return of Christian Marclay‘s much-lauded “The Clock” to New York. The 24 hour marvel uses a cleverly-edited montage of film clips to act as a real-time clock within the exhibition space. In Roberta Smith’s glowing review of the piece, she called it “the greatest movie trailer ever made,” “a 24 hour valentine to the movies” and “the ultimate work of appropriation art.”

It is hard to say why this panoply of timepieces and plot twists is so gripping, but it is. After watching “The Clock” from around 7:30 p.m. last Friday to past midnight, I dragged myself away, despite the desire to stay and see exactly how the time would be told, how different hours would be rung in.

From July 13- August 1, the piece will be open to the public in the David Rubenstein Atrium. Admission is free, though, if experience has taught us anything, there will certainly be a line to get in.

For those eager to get a sneak peek (or to help support Lincoln Center, ensuring this and other such projects remain free to the public), Lincoln Center will hold a special preview on Thursday, July 12, which will be co-hosted by Baibakov Art Projects’ Maria Baibakova, along with esteemed international patrons Mohammed Afkhami, Alexandra Chemla, Dana Farouki, Adam Fields and Yana Peel. Guests will enjoy drinks at the Empire Hotel rooftop, starting at 9pm. At 10pm, Marclay himself will be on hand to introduce the work. From 10:30pm-1am, guests will enjoy a private screening of what are arguably some of the film’s most exciting scenes (After all, just how many movie plots revolve around “the stroke of midnight”…?)

For more about this special preview or to purchase tickets, check the event page on the Lincoln Center website. To find out more about the project, including opening times, check here.

Christian Marclay. Detail of The Clock, 2012. Courtesy Paula Cooper Gallery, New York and White Cube, London. Photo: Todd-White Photography.

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