The Culture of Riot: “Media Impactors: Activist Art from Russia” launches in Berlin

A day after the Palais de Tokyo opened its defense of Pussy Riot in Paris, Berlin takes a look at some of the other creative protest coming out of Moscow with the launch of “Media Impactors: Activist Art from Russia.”

The catalogue documents one of the parallel projects of the 4th Moscow Biennale, and includes Pussy Riot, PG, Anton Nikolaev, and others (samples of whose work you can find here.) Work from these artists will also be on view at OKK until July 14.

Tomorrow, Saturday, June 23, at 4pm, curator Peter Weibel, artist Joulia Strauss and curator Tania Volkova will follow the book launch at the KW Institute – now “occupied” as the site of the Berlin Biennale – with a round-table titled “Art and Agency in the Information Age: From Bradley Manning to Pussy Riot.”

Preceding tomorrow’s discussion, Volkova will also give a lecture on “The Culture of Riot: The Experience of Recent Protests Movements in Russia” today, Friday, June 22, at 7:30pm at 129 Gallery.

For more information check the blog for Volkova’s ZhiruZhir, or the page for the event on Kritische-Kunst (both in English.)

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