CAC fills in some blanks with Lithuanian Art 2012

Robertas Narkus and Milda Zabarauskaite, “I Spent 7 Years in My Uncles Home as a Servant, ” 2011

Tomorrow the CAC in Vilnius will kick off not 1 but 18 different exhibitions of Lithuanian art. All together, the program will comprise the whole of Lithuanian Art 2012, a run-down of the scene that will precede the 11th Annual Baltic Triennale, slated to open in August.

The exhibitions in question all bear intriguing titles, ala “Chance Number Six: Red Herring,” “Romas Ubartas,” “An Evening with Doctor Shepherd,” and “Sculpture Exhibition.” The list of curators is too long to reproduce here, let alone the artists roster, but all of this information can be found here. The exhibitions themselves will be on view through August 12, 2012.

As for the Triennale, this year it will take the more condensed format of a 12-day intensive exhibition curated by Defne Ayas and Benjamin Cook. It will also be radically unlike any other of these large-scaled exhibitions, ala Documenta or Manifesta. In short, based on an idea of artists Ieva Misevičiūtė and Michael Portnoy, the “Mindaugas Triennale” will take the shape of a man:

Mindaugas, who has one of the most common Lithuanian names (literally “much fame” or “one who has many ideas”), is the medium through which the artists will channel their works. He will appear each day throughout the Triennial, animated by different instructions, scripts, scenarios, and scores by the participating artists to be played out in the city of Vilnius or nearby surrounding areas.

Among the artists animating Mindaugas (a real-life Annlee?) are Asli Çavuşoğlu,  Ragnar Kjartansson and Marianne Vitale. Visitors can witness this triennale from August 24 until September 9, 2012. For more info, check here.

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