Rem Koolhaas’ OMA reveals model for Garage Gorky Park

Overview of Garage Gorky Park, courtesy of OMA

Today Rem Koolhaas’ OMA announced the final plans for the Garage Center for Contemporary Culture’s new venue in Gorky Park.

Garage Gorky Park reenvisions the 1960s era restaurant, Vremena Goda (“Seasons of the Year”) a derelict concrete structure (not to be confused with the renovated restaurant of the same name, where the Garage hosted a dinner during ArtMoscow 2011.)

According to OMA’s statement, the building will have 5,400 square meters, divided into two stories, with the trimmings one found in the Bahkmatovsky Garage: an auditorium, cafe, bookstore and childrens’ center, among them.

Rem Koolhaas commented: “We are very happy to work on turning the almost-ruin of Vermena Goda [sic] into the new house for Garage. We were able, with our client and her team, to explore the qualities of generosity, dimension, openness, and transparency of the Soviet wreckage and find new uses and interpretations for them.”

Among the “Soviet wreckage” are murals and red brick walls which the team hopes to preserve. The project is aimed for completion already within 2013.

Vremena Goda, courtesy of OMA

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