Aidan Salakhova will close Aidan Gallery, after 20 years

Farid Rasulov, Seafood, now on view at Aidan Gallery

On April 23, the Aidan Gallery will mark its 20th year on the scene in Moscow. “On the scene” –  for many of these years, Aidan was the scene, as the first major private gallery of contemporary art.

Aidan has announced that she plans to concentrate on her own career as an artist (No small change – in 2011, she represented Azerbaijan in the 54th Venice Biennale [though her seditiously sensual work proved too suggestive for some censors]), as well as her teaching. In fact, as Aidan told RiaNovosti in an interview, immediately after the gallery closes its 20th anniversary show, it will re-open as Aidan Studio, a place for her students to show their work.

While Aidan Gallery – home to Rostan Tavasiev, Anna Zhelud and Elena Berg – will be much missed, we are pleased to hear Aidan will still continue to support young artists. And of course, we know no party in Moscow will go without her presence.

Congratulations on 20 years, and all the best wishes on your new phase!

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