Elena Panteleeva announced as the new Director of Moscow’s Winzavod

Elena Panteleeva, photo ArtChronika

Last week, eyebrows were raised when Sofia Trotsenko, reigning doyenne at the Winzavod Art Center, announced that she was leaving her position as director to work within the mayor’s office.

Trotsenko has been involved with the Winzavod project since 2005, when the former wine factory was launched as the venue of Oleg Kulik’s Veryu exhibition. The center rose to prominence as the host of most of Moscow’s top galleries, including Aidan, Guelman, Regina, XL, paperworks and Proun.

Today ArtChronika announced that Trotsenko will be succeeded  by Elena Panteleeva, former founder and editor of the experimental Blacksquare magazine (2007-2009) and currently editor-in-chief of the Winzavod Art Review, a relatively new venture that expands simple gallery listings into  an Art Newspaper-style publication.

As fans of Panteleeva’s work, we look forward to how the center shifts under her command. Best of luck, Lena!

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