Global Art Forum 6 comes to Art Dubai

Joana Hadjithomas & Khalil Joreige, Restaged 0, 2011, On view at The Third Line

Tomorrow, the sixth edition of the Art Dubai fair will open its doors, behind which wait 75 eager galleries from around the block (local favorites The Third Line and Green Art Gallery) and across the globe (Chantel Crousel, Pilar Corrias, and Paradise Row, along with Moscow’s Aidan Gallery and Paris’ Galerie Perrotin, whose return after a multi-year absence may have had something to do with the magnificent Takashi Murakami: Ego, on view in nearby Doha. That’s right – the word we used was “magnificent.” See it for yourselves.)

One of the loveliest aspects of Art Dubai (so far as we’re concerned) is its committed partnership with the Global Art Forum. This year, the program was headed up by the marvelous Shumon Basar (we don’t think anyone would dispute that adjective), who expanded the program into six days of focused talks exploring “The Medium of Media.” Specifically at stake was the validity of the term “post-media” and the specific role of social media in the events of the area in the last 15 months.

The Global Art Forum kicked off with a special two-day stint from March 18-19 in Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art in Doha, where panelists like Sultan Sooud Al Qassemi, Turi Munthe, Al Jazeera’s Ghida Fakry Khane and Bidoun‘s newest contributing editor Yasmine El Rashidi offered insights to the question: “What is the relationship between news-makers and history-making in the Arab world?”

Michael Vazquez and Douglas Coupland read as part of the Global Art Forum at Mathaf, March 18, 2012

Tomorrow, the Global Art Forum will move its troops to Dubai, where the opening lecture will feature novelist Douglas Coupland (of Generation X renown), Hans-Ulrich Obrist and Basar rethinking Marshall McLuhan. Coupland “explains how we ‘know nothing’ of the work of Canadian media-theorist Marshall McLuhan, who, in the 1960s, coined the phrases ‘the medium is the message’ and ‘the global village’.” Other events include Victoria Camblin and a presentation of “experimental Powerpoints” and Bidoun editor Michael Vazquez with a selection of commissioned essays for the Forum.

For a full listing of Global Art Forum events, please check the schedule.

Art Dubai runs from March 21 – 24, 2012. For more information and related events, check the website.

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