This St Patrick’s Day, Publish and Be Damned at the ICA

In an era where “what’s an e-book?!” has increasingly yielded to “you know, this Kindle is kind of convenient…,” publishing – let alone self-publishing –  has gotten even more complicated.

Published and Be Damned aims to foster and support the rowdier strains of self-publishing (or at least alternative options to mainstream publishing) through a wide variety of activities – from publication launches and public library partnerships to the recent Three Letter Words Magazine.

On March 17, visitors to London’s ICA can get an eyeful of all of these activities when Publish and Be Damned throws one of its fairs. In addition to booths where self-starter publishing houses can display their wares, the fair will feature “Rapid Fire Launches” and a panel discussion called “I Don’t Want to Make a Book.”

Events are free and open to the public, from 12 pm – 8pm. In other words, come one, come all, come get yourself an Aleksandra Mir book…

For more information and the concrete schedule, check here.

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