Angry Birds descend on Warsaw’s Museum of Modern Art

On March 15, the Warsaw Museum of Modern Art will open the doors on Angry Birds, a rambunctious group of young artists pulled together by artist-curator David Ter-Oganyan, with some help from Daria Atlas and Katya Szczeka.

Like Ter-Oganyan’s ON/OFF exhibition (included as part of the Moscow Biennale’s ArtSquatForum project), the roster mixes the ranks of Russians (or the Post Soviet set, we should say) like Alexandra Galkina, Anastasia Potemkina and Kandinsky Prize winner Polina Kanis with international artists active in the Moscow scene (Camille Laurelli, Ivars Gravlejs, etc.)


Baibakov Art Projects is particularly excited to see some of the alum from our inaugural exhibition invasion : evasion : Alina Gutkina, Misha Most and Irina Korina.

In the English translation of the press release (copied here as is), Ter-Oganyan explains the title:

The recent explosion of protests is a symptom of undercurrent of changes in the society and culture; “Angry Birds” exhibition tries to bring them closer to Polish viewers. However, the new phenomena emerging on Moscow art scene are too new to be completely understood. In viewing the exhibition, the visitors will be surprised by unknown references, fantasies, and fears.

Among those things which may be too new to understand is a sentence in which the curators develop the imagery of the actual smartphone ap: “the birds (freedom supporters) fight the pigs (keepers of the old order) for stolen eggs (the future).”

Regardless of their wording, this looks to be an interesting show!

The exhibition will be on view through May 6. For more information, check the website.

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