Take 2.0: VIP Art Fair returns

After a rather rocky debut, the VIP Art Fair is back with 2.0, a new edition of the fair that includes a wide range of additional features, making the most of what is unique about this art fair: that it takes place entirely online. Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac has seized the opportunity to take advantage of the technology, inviting Terrence Koh to produce a 24 hour performance specifically tailored to the online format. Other galleries will be sure to take similar initiatives, in a joint effort to keep this pioneering fair viable.

While the fair itself is set to kick off in just a handful of days (practice your poker-face emoticons for Live Chat with the dealers), VIP has already launched the start of its Discussions program. Teaming up with the crew behind the art documentary series art21, VIP has tried to encapsulate all aspects of the collecting world: from previews of the galleries, interviews with advisors, and tours through the homes of private collectors. Also on view is selected content from art21,  including scheduled broadcasts of interviews with personalities like Marina Abramovic and Ai Wei Wei, David Altmejd and Glenn Ligon. (Other content is viewable on the art21 site.)

All material is free to view with registration on the VIP Art Fair site. The fair itself is “open” to the public from 8 am EST, February 3. See you there..?

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