Moscow indulges a little non/fiction

There is still time to catch the 13th installment of non/fiction, Moscow’s cutting edge book fair, now through Sunday at the Central House of Artists. This year’s program features almost 300 different participants, with a focus on Spain., one of Moscow’s leading cultural portals, has created an online navigator which highlights some of the fair’s offerings. The site was also hosting a selection of special projects in conjunction with the fair, including one with childrens’ books and another reflecting on Hyde Park (which, it should be mentioned, is the model guiding Strelka’s redevelopment of Gorky Park, across the street from the Central House of the Artists.) However, controversy arose when one of Openspace’s projects, “Russian Porno,” was censored by the fair’s organizers. The project promised to treat guests to “a selection of the nation’s prime examples of cultural pornography, well-known to each and every citizen of Russia.” The screenings would take place in a specially-designed booth, installed within the fair. Last week, organizers announced that – in the wake of responses to the shockingly homophobic legislation, passed in Petersburg last week – the name of the project could cause confusion. While they may have a point – and the Moscow art world was quick to cry foul, with the wounds still fresh from last year’s Voina censorship debacle – the fair itself is still rife with rewarding programming, and showcases of forward-thinking publishers like Ad Marginem Azbuka, Falanster and NLO.

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