Baibakov Art Projects congratulates Laureates from the Art&Reality conference

This weekend in St Petersburg, the Petr Konchalovsky Foundation, in conjunction with the Russian Ministry of Culture, hosted an international conference on Art&Reality. The conference aimed to gather art world professionals from all over the globe to discuss this year’s theme: Art Criticism.

As part of the forum, nominees were awarded for prizes in various fields, including best graduate-level thesis published that year, thus boldly going where Moscow-based prizes like the Kandinsky Prize or Innovation haven’t: Academia. (Not to be confused with Moscow’s popular pizza chain of the same name…)

Baibakov Art Projects extends its congratulations to Valentin Diaconov, the prodigious young critic who won the award for Outstanding Art Criticism (while he mainly writes for Russian publications, you can catch his English language columns in Frieze, Artforum and Artinfo.)


The Best Catalogue went to the Hermitage crew who put together Dmitri Prigov’s posthumous catalogue, which accompanied an exhibition of his work at in Venice during this year’s Biennale.

Baibakov Art Projects also supports the foundation for creating this prize, recognizing a field that is increasingly tricky to define, but is no less integral to the development of the contemporary cultural scene in Russia.

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