Happy Days in the Art World: Performa 11

Today, Performa 11 kicks off with the world premiere of Elmgreen & Dragset’s Happy Days in the Art World.

According to Galerie Perrotin:

With Happy Days in the Art World, Elmgreen & Dragset will present a theatrical performance that draws references from Samuel Beckett’s seminal play Happy Days (1961) and Sarah Thornton’s book Seven Days in the Art World (W. W. Norton & Company, 2008). The production will take place in the tradition of Beckett’s absurdist theatre on a proscenium stage with a set designed by the artists.

Happy Days in the Art World is based on autobiographical material and features two male actors playing Elmgreen & Dragset. Partly an intimate look at the struggles of collaboration, creative deadlock, and mid-career panic, the play also expands on the duo’s insightful and witty take on the contemporary art world as presented in Drama Queens.

Rimma Gerlovina, Valeriy Gerlovin, Mirror Game, 1977-81

Tomorrow, following up on the biennale’s sub theme of Russian Constructivism, Performa 11 joins with The Garage to present 33 Fragments of Russian Constructivism. The exhibition was curated by Yulia Aksenova and Roselee Goldberg, and presents an in-depth look at the development of Russian performance art across the 20th and 21st century. Included artists range from Avant-Garde demigods Mikhail Larionov and Sergey Eisenhold, to Moscow Conceptualist icons, Collaborative Actions and Komar & Melamid, up through the present moment, with artists like Elena Kovylina, Liza Morozova and Andrei Kuzkin (who will present a performance as part of the program.)

The exhibition will be preceded at 5pm, by a lecture by curator Alexandra Obukhova, who will provide some of the grounding for those in unfamiliar territory.

Performa 11 is a three-week long festival of performance, in all its forms. This year’s edition features exhibitions and commissions by over 100 artists. You can check out the full offerings on the Performa 11 Calendar.

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