Saturdays at Arthouse Squat Forum in Moscow

A special project of the 4th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Arthouse Squat Forum takes over the construction site of a future luxury housing development along the Serebryanichevskaya Naberezhnaya in the heart of Moscow and fills it with over 20 independently curated projects, commissioned by artist-curator-visionary Katya Bochavar and her co-curator Andrey Parshikov.

Projects range from jaw-dropping group shows curated by artists like David Ter Oganyan, Gosha Ostretsov and Arsen Rezanov, to the orphaned instruments of the PianoRecycle project, to the penthouse project, the Zoo of Urban Fauna (in which visitors can see such exotic wildlife as the Moscow stray cat or the Russian pigeon.)

Each Saturday this month, ASF will feature educational programming, from Q+A’s to video screenings. You can find the complete calendar here.

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